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Alms Giving


Pindapata is the traditional name for a Buddhist alms-round. This ancient tradition aims to silently spread peace and generosity through the streets of Petaling Jaya. Buddhists believe that ”to give" opens the heart and is directly opposed to the worldly way "to get."

The monks and nuns walk silently and mindfully with their alms bowls accepting food to sustain them for the day. They will not accept money, nor be proselytising. For those who give, however little, the alms round is the chance to savour the blessings of generosity. For monastics, the Buddha's exhortation to make themselves worthy of the people's gifts inspires them to develop their virtue and inner peace to the highest level.

The Buddha asked his monks and nuns to create a mutually supportive arrangement whereby the lay-people offer food for the stomaches of the monastics and in return the monastics offer food for the heart. Theravadan Buddhist monks and nuns live simply, on the donations of their community. In return they offer mindfulness meditation, counselling and pass on the Buddha’s teachings, free of charge.

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